Thunder $66,729 (9999 beat by 10101010 or better) updated 10/20/2021

9th for KNguyen

LEVEL 23 _ ANTE 30K _ BLINDS 15K.30K _ REMAIN 8.565

Kevin Nguyen gets his last 7BB in the middle preflop, looked up by both David Ong and Jerez Mercado.

No bets on the 7d - 8c - Qs flop, Mercado leading out for 250k on the 4d turn and Ong quickly steps aside.

Nguyen shows Ad - Kh, holding the overs as Mercado flips up Th - Tc.

River 4d wraps up the hand and Nguyen is eliminated in 9th place, cashing for $5,385
Posted: 9/26/2021 5:25:43 PM by Dan Ross - Hold'em Live Updates
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Thunder Strike Jackpot is at: $115,675.72

as of 10/20/2021 12:05:02 PM
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