Thunder $39,396 ( 8888 beat by 9999 or better) updated 12/01/2022

Satellite in to RunGood Series Events

2022 comes to a series-tournament close at TVPokerRoom with the RunGood Contenders Season Finale Series Nov. 25 - Dec. 6, with satellites starting here Nov. 12 - and those satellites are a great way to win seats in to huge end-of-year tournaments.
There's 100 seats guaranteed via satellite in to the $1 MIllion Guarantee $2,500 Main Event, players able to win a seat for as little as $100 in Step-Satellites starting Nov. 12.
Nov. 19, a week before the series begins - is a 40-Seats-Guaranteed $400 satellite in to the $1 Million. 1-in-7 entries earns a seat that day, at least 40 players earning a shot of at least a $1 Million prize pool in the Dec. 3-6 Season Finale.
Check out the full schedule for all the satellites and tournaments - plus all structure sheets.

Posted: 11/5/2022 9:09:29 AM by Dan Ross - Hold'em Live Updates
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Thunder Strike Jackpot is at: $53,985.69

as of 12/2/2022 12:29:00 PM
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