Thunder $128,209 ( 6666 beat by 7777 or better) updated 05/08/2021

7th for McCarrel

LEVEL 22 18:30 LEFT __ ANTE 20000 __ BLINDS 10000.20000 __ REMAIN 6/250

 Casey McCarrel has been looking for a spot to double-up since 7-handed play began nearly two hours ago in the WPT Rolling Thunder $5,000 Main Event.

All in, he draws a call from Kevin Rabichow.

Ace _ Nine for McCarrel
Sevens for Rabichow.

.. and it is hard to crush a flop harder than Rabichow does, the board going J - 7 - J and he flops a boat.

McCarrel finishes in 7th place, cashing for $34,210.

We'll be back soon with chipcounts for tomorrow's final table. This is the end of Day 3 play.
Posted: 3/9/2020 8:56:41 PM by Dan Ross - Hold'em Live Updates
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Thunder Strike Jackpot is at: $123,267.09

as of 5/8/2021 9:56:05 PM
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