Thunder $123,566 ( 6666 beat by 7777 or better) updated 09/27/2023

Spartacus is Down in rendezvous

Rendezvous Level 23 . Ante 40k . Blinds 20k.40k . Entries 3.111

Greg Spartacus Pincombe moves in for his last 20bb and Brett Murray makes the call, we're looking at a pretty classic race four-handed in the RunGood $1k Rendezvous.

A . K for Spartacus
Tens for Murray

The dealer fans 6s . 6c . 9h . 7x . Qd and Pincombe is out in  

"Spartacus is Down," says Pincombe as he heads to the cage to collect.
"I am just GodOfThunder," says Murray as he rakes.

Posted: 7/31/2023 7:11:49 PM by Dan Ross - Hold'em Live Updates
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Thunder Strike Jackpot is at: $58,348.98

as of 9/28/2023 3:59:00 AM
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