Thunder $123,566 ( 6666 beat by 7777 or better) updated 09/27/2023

Murray Wins Rendezvous

Brett Murray once again wins a tournament on the final day of a RunGood Poker Series season.

Last December, Murray - the All-Time Money leader at TVPokerRoom - won the RunGood Season Championship.

Today he wins the RunGood Rendezvous, crushing the final table in a GodOfThunder-worthy performance.

Travis Fujisaka jams his last 12bb with Queens, Murray calls with Ks . Tc and immediately laughs, "you know a King is coming."

Well, he had to wait until the turn for the King to show.

"That's just ridiculous," said Fujisaka with a laugh.

Fujisaka takes $17,850 as runner-up.

Here's the official order of finish.

● Series Results
Posted: 7/31/2023 7:18:02 PM by Dan Ross - Hold'em Live Updates
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