Thunder $123,566 ( 6666 beat by 7777 or better) updated 09/27/2023

90 Minutes, Same Stacks

Main Level 28 . Ante 125k . Blinds 75k.125k . Entries 2.477

Tyler Patterson and Paul Sampson are 90 minutes in to their heads-up match with $200,422 up to and the RunGood Million Dollar Main title.

The stacks are exactly - to-the-chip - where they were when they took the first break

Patterson is at 10.75m
Sampson is at 8.25m

● Series Results
Posted: 7/31/2023 8:05:17 PM by Dan Ross - Hold'em Live Updates
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Thunder Strike Jackpot is at: $58,311.12

as of 9/28/2023 3:02:00 AM
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